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Zendaya is Hot and Getting Even Hotter

Tiny Hottie Zendaya shows off her tight abs, little bikini and her fat pussy in a tropical setting. Things have happened to celebrities that they seem to go all out and make sure they are showing off their goods to the world in the most seductive ways. Nothing like a beach body that gives all us fans a rock hard cock ready to bust a nut to their celebrity sexiness.

This star is on the HBO hit Euphoria Produced by Drake, and it makes you wonder with her stardom on this show if Drake got to hit it. If he did, how many times? It would sure make for a hot story if Drake was getting the Skins on this celebrity hottie, Zendaya. Sex, Drugs and Rockin Roll is everything in the life of these celebrities and then they get hungry, desperate and need to get on these celeb nude sites to show off what they have under the revealing clothing.

The Former Disney kid now is at the age where she wants to break the young look and start attracting a different kind of audience. An audience that just wants to suck and fuck every inch of their young bodies. Zendaya, 22 years old is not old enough to kick back a brew, a shot of tequila and them get wild on with any guy she wants.

Something we also heard is that this young celebrity is actually going to be a part of the Marvel money machine and we would love to know which comic book hero or villain she is going to play. We just hope that Marvel is going to go rated R on this Spiderman flick and then Zendaya will have some hardcore superpowers where she can make us all bust a nut by just looking at us. Wait, that already happened just before we wrote this article. That’s it, the verdict is in, Zendaya is the Super Cum Dumper even before she has started in the next Marvel big screen powerhouse.

Let us take a moment and bow down to the young celebrity, dream hard that she will show us all her goodies in the next movie.

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