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Top 10 Hottest Blonde Celebrity Candice Swanepoel #6

Top 10 Hottest Blonde Celebrity Candice Swanepoel #6

Lets shoot for the top angel of them all Candice Swanepoel a name that we typed once and copied each time so we did not have to misspell her last name. Victorias Secret model and amazingly hot blonde made our list in the number six position. Not because we don’t think she is the hottest woman on the planet but we because this list is getting better by the moment and we wanted to guarantee that you will have a happy ending when you get to the number one hottest celebrity.

This was only a tease and a taste of the blonde deliciousness that they all love to give on a weekly and daily basis. Candice Swanepoel is not only extremely hot, but she got married and then popped out a kid, she is a mom now. This is another reason why unfortunately we could not put in the top portion of this list, we know you hate us but you will see why.

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Candice Swanepoel makes our hearts pump and are man hood stand at attention. She walks the walk and puts her mouth where we all want it to be, then we woke up! Do not worry, we promise to give you more of the goodness, her sexy ass and tight body keeps giving. Although personally I am a bit bias because I love woman build for comfort not for speed. Thank you very much Sir-Mix-A-Lot! Because I like em round and big! But this is not about me, its about you so make sure you continue down this path to see where the rabbit hole goes!